Midwest Book Review

December, 2016

Tzippy the Thief
Patricia Striar Rohner
She Writes Press
9781631521539, $16.95, PB, 336pp, www.amazon.com

Synopsis: Tzippy is a wealthy widow, feisty, determined, vain and living in Florida. Her three children will be visiting for Tzippy's 80th birthday celebration and will be bringing with them the old wounds that Tzippy did more than her fair share to inflict. As her birthday approaches, the death of a close friend as well as the aches, pains and daily indignities of aging are preying on her mind. Tzippy wonders how she will be remembered?

Her relationship with her children is not good, particularly with Shari, her youngest and most screwed up. Shari is a problem drinker and still plagued by the eating disorder she's had since adolescence. She always blamed her mother for her problems and lately Tzippy has had the uncomfortable feeling Shari may be right.

On the day of the party, on edge and anxious, Tzippy decides on a shopping trip to Saks which is always her quick fix, and while there, sees a brooch she wants, but not enough to pay for it. It finds its way into her purse and as she is making her get away―unlike the other times―she is caught and hauled off to the police station.

Now that Tzippy is turning 80, there is not an infinite amount of time left. Will she be able to repair the damage that has taken a lifetime to create?

Critique: "Tzippy the Thief" clearly establishes novelist Patricia Striar Rohner as an original and gifted storyteller. A thoroughly entertaining and deftly crafted read from beginning to end, "Tzippy the Thief" is an especially recommended addition to community library General Fiction collections. It should be noted for personal reading lists that "Tzippy the Thief" is also available in a Kindle format ($8.49).