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Forget What You Know about Jewish Mothers: Tzippy the Thief, the Debut of "a Major New Voice in American Fiction"
Release date: October 12, 2016


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A First Novel By Patricia Striar Rohner

Publication: She Writes Press, October 2016

I am a wealthy widow, feisty, determined and vain.  I've been called generous and selfish, thoughtful and impulsive.  I will not get older quietly.  My three children and their families are about to arrive for my birthday celebration which they planned.  I expect they will be bringing with them the old wounds that I helped to inflict; mother of the year I was not! 

As my birthday approaches, the death of a close friend as well as the aches, pains and daily indignities of aging are preying on my mind.  How will I be remembered?  

It is the day of the party and I’m on edge and anxious. I decide on a shopping trip to Saks which is always my quick fix, and while there, I see a brooch I like, but not enough to pay for it.  It finds its way to my purse and as I’m making my get away—unlike the other times—I’m caught and hauled off to the police station. 

My relationship with my children isn’t good, particularly with Shari, my youngest and most screwed up. Shari is a problem drinker and still plagued by the eating disorder she’s had since adolescence.  She always blamed me for her problems but lately I’ve had the uncomfortable feeling she may be right. 

Now that I’m turning 80, there is not an infinite amount of time left.  Will I be able to repair the damage that I’ve taken a lifetime to create ?  


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